From Freshman to Freshman

After sitting here for quite some time trying to get a good wifi connection so that I can be productive and do my homework, I realize that it’s just not going to happen. Instead of choosing the reasonable option of taking a nap, I figured I should update you guys on how my week one of college has been.


My first impression coming into this was that I wasn’t alone in being a confused little freshman. Finding classes, buying groceries, and simply talking to the people who surround you are some of the biggest struggles freshmen are always faced with. The first few days of walking to classes was a workout to say the least, as I had not previously mapped out and walked the route I was going to be taking. Multiple times I went around several buildings to get to another, only to realize that my destination was merely a parking lot away from my starting point. So not only would I walk into class winded and flushed, as the elevation is high and the temperature cold, but I would also barely arrive on time, which makes it a little harder to find an open seat. I invite any upcoming freshman to take my advice and map out beforehand so as not to feel so flustered when trying to find your classroom. It causes a lot of unnecessary stress the first couple of days.

Now, buying groceries… I ended up having to go to Walmart at least 3 times this week simply because I kept forgetting things. It was a pain! I thought I was prepared, but each time I saw myself going back to the store, I proved myself wrong. It’s the stuff that you don’t think to buy that threw me off. Getting the food was easy; people are generally good at knowing what they like to eat, but things like band aids or dish towels went completely over my head when coming up with a list of things I needed. I’d also like to point out that I was fairly studious in deciding what all was needed for my college career. I went to Pinterest, talked to other college students, and made multiple lists, but still I wasn’t entirely prepared. It’s weird adjusting from a home where these things seemed to be naturally provided for us whereas now I actually need to know the different between Dawn and Tide. Heck, I still lack the ability to grab a grocery cart on my way into the store. It’s just not something I’ve ever had to think about before.

And of course, awkwardly having to start those conversations with your roommates and/or classmates. Sometimes it takes time getting used to being around 5 other girls, especially if some are more introverted than the other. After a couple weeks, however, it’s hard to hide your craziness in a place where you might spend the majority of your time. It’s just the first couple of conversations that might seem a little forced, but eventually you either find a friend or a not-so-much friend within each of your roommates. I’d say it’s probably harder to make friends with your classmates simply because the focus has to be on the professor. Eventually there will be a time when the need to form a study group will come, so just remember that everyone is in the same boat as you. Go out of your comfort zone and meet someone new– you never know when you’ll make friends with a genius.

I came from a small town with a slightly okay high school that didn’t really prepare me for the workload college would bring me. I’m not complaining, however, because it was really nice to have lazy days where I didn’t need to worry about homework. I bring this up simply because I was kind of freaking out about my procrastination habits and how that would translate over to my college ones. Despite me taking this semester a little easy, I find that it’s not very hard to just sit down and work because everyone around you has to do the exact same thing. And don’t think that college is all about sitting in your room doing homework all day, because if you manage your time right, adventures are sure to come. My favorite memory for this week, as an example, involves my roommates and some of our guy friends playing ultimate spoons. One of the guys would hide the spoons all throughout the second floor of our building and we would run throughout the halls trying to find them. Admittedly, we weren’t exactly quiet, but no one got onto us because everyone does stupid things like that in college.


All in all, adulting is a new world. It’s something we’ve been preparing for our entire lives, yet it can still come as a bit of a shock once you’re thrown into it. The transition is fast; one second you’re living with your parents who are the providers of practically your whole life, and the next you’re wondering what to do with yourself. I’m not saying that college sucks! Change doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, I’m already beginning to fall in love with this new stage of life. Now, I recognize that everyone comes from different circumstances and that college experiences are different from the next, but I’m just here to say that only you have the power to make this the best time of your life. Get over high school and say hello to a much more excepting universe where you can be who you want to be.


It’s Christmas Time, People!


So it’s Christmas, ya’ll! Best time of year, am I right?! Well I’m not quite sure everyone agrees with that. The world is doing such a great job at commercializing one of the best holidays ever, and unfortunately more and more people are making Christmas about money. Not that giving gifts is a bad thing –it’s actually one of the best parts about Christmas– but some people stress way too much about it and miss the true meaning of the holiday. To demonstrate, I had this seemingly frustrating conversation with a customer the other day:

Me: Are you ready for the holidays??

Them: No, too much stress and too much money.

Me: Oh.. Well how about that Christmas Spirit?!

Them: Yeah, it’s definitely not here yet.

Not here yet? Not here yet?! As soon as the neighbors start putting up their lights and the radios blare their Christmas ways, I’m all in! Having that conversation made me realize that the Christmas Spirit comes from within. It can’t be bought. It’s makings come from within the happy moments we decide to bring into our lives. And what better time to get the happy moments rollin’ than when half the world is celebrating the birth of Christ and the lights shining all around are a constant reminder of the light He brought into the world? Now is the time for sipping hot chocolates by the fire, building stronger family relationships, and serving those who we feel the Lord needs us to serve. Service is the key! Have you noticed how generous everyone tends to get during the holidays? It reminds of a quote from one of my favorite people, President Gordon B. Hinckley:


Imagine how much better the world would be if people treated every day like Christmas. Donations would be flooding in from all over and the smiles just wouldn’t stop. Our lives wouldn’t be perfect of course, but we’d all have each other’s backs. The Christmas Spirit doesn’t have be felt simply during the Christmas season, though. We all have the opportunity to feel it year round, but we just have to keep our heart and mind open to putting other’s needs before ours.

The memories you make now can leave an imprint on your heart forever, so go out there, get out of your comfort zone, and serve! You might just find that Christmas is even more magical than you had once believed.

Oh, and don’t forget to do a little ice skating along the way(:

Why Blogging?

So I finally took the time to do something that’s always been of interest to me by starting this blog. Why blogging? Well the inspiration came to me upon reading other blogger’s materials and I noticed one thing they all had in common– passion. Whether it’s about food, travelling, or their favorite TV show, all these different kinds of bloggers come together to share some of their greatest thoughts about things that really matter to them. I want to be a part of this! I’m passionate about a lot of things, especially life, so what better way to express this than through writing?

One of the biggest adventures in my life will finally be starting in January 2017 so there will be much to tell concerning snow, homework, and roommates. That’s right folks, college is under way! (But seriously, Texas girls don’t usually belong in Idaho, so please say prayers for me lest the cold be the death of me.) I cannot stress enough how excited I am; I feel like my whole life has led to this moment. Then again, I’m trying not to get overly pumped because I keep getting all these wonderful reminders (specifically from my parents) about how hard college is going to be. I don’t think high school quite prepared me for majoring in biology, but I’m determined to see my education through. The nice thing about colleges is that you have the opportunity to learn new things that have never before been offered to you. So don’t think I won’t take a few dance classes on the side just because I’m not good at it– I came here to have fun too!

I’m so, so grateful to have this opportunity in my life. I’m ready to quit my job here and leave to go learn and have a better social life. Though BYU-Idaho wasn’t exactly my first choice in the beginning, I know God has placed me there for a reason. Knowing that He has a plan for me, wherever it may be, kept me from being discouraged about not getting into BYU Provo. I am so excited to continue on this path He has set out for me! He has bundles of joy awaiting, as well as difficult trials, but if I keep my focus on Him, I will make it through with a smile on my face. Anyone could.