Why Blogging?

So I finally took the time to do something that’s always been of interest to me by starting this blog. Why blogging? Well the inspiration came to me upon reading other blogger’s materials and I noticed one thing they all had in common– passion. Whether it’s about food, travelling, or their favorite TV show, all these different kinds of bloggers come together to share some of their greatest thoughts about things that really matter to them. I want to be a part of this! I’m passionate about a lot of things, especially life, so what better way to express this than through writing?

One of the biggest adventures in my life will finally be starting in January 2017 so there will be much to tell concerning snow, homework, and roommates. That’s right folks, college is under way! (But seriously, Texas girls don’t usually belong in Idaho, so please say prayers for me lest the cold be the death of me.) I cannot stress enough how excited I am; I feel like my whole life has led to this moment. Then again, I’m trying not to get overly pumped because I keep getting all these wonderful reminders (specifically from my parents) about how hard college is going to be. I don’t think high school quite prepared me for majoring in biology, but I’m determined to see my education through. The nice thing about colleges is that you have the opportunity to learn new things that have never before been offered to you. So don’t think I won’t take a few dance classes on the side just because I’m not good at it– I came here to have fun too!

I’m so, so grateful to have this opportunity in my life. I’m ready to quit my job here and leave to go learn and have a better social life. Though BYU-Idaho wasn’t exactly my first choice in the beginning, I know God has placed me there for a reason. Knowing that He has a plan for me, wherever it may be, kept me from being discouraged about not getting into BYU Provo. I am so excited to continue on this path He has set out for me! He has bundles of joy awaiting, as well as difficult trials, but if I keep my focus on Him, I will make it through with a smile on my face. Anyone could.



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